Bob Dylan’s biblical emphasis has been recognized in much of his work, not just from his earlier Gospel releases, but inferences and allusions to it since then, right up to today. This does not seem to be a mere passive poetic or artsy spattering with Bob to suit the whim of a wordsmith. There is simply too much realism and heart and creative inspiration, sometimes clever, that goes into his music.

Does Bob still believe in Jesus as his Savior and the only way to God? Not only has he never renounced his faith, but there is enough there to give credence to Bob and his beliefs to a certain number of us believers than to simply have it written off as coincidence or conjecture from some fleeting lyric or forced interpretation.

What of those days of his presence among Jewish leaders that rubbed some the wrong way? What of his becoming like, what he is, Jewish? What of his seeming to use lyrics relevant only to those some may put in an uncultured category? Is this Bob trying to be all things to all people that he might by all means, whether as under the law or free from the law, see some saved, somehow, in his way? Is it
that biblical thing he is trying to do at times?

The emphasis on this site is to let his words speak for themselves. The interpretive aspect will come only after reflection on what appears to be his intended meaning from within the song. We should know that context is important in meaning, but there are times it appears Bob is not bound by context to say something. Maybe it is something he wants someone to hear from among, as he sings in
Ain’t Talkin’, his “loyal and much loved companions, they approve of me and share my code.” Thus, the Dylan Code.

This is not another numerology-like game with the word
code used here. Bob used the word first in his song Ain’t Talkin’, so this site endeavors to build on that with a reasonable perspective based on what is revealed from his own words as a musician and an author.

You can know from studying the Bible that God gives wisdom and grace to approach our world with love and a desire to relate; to get down to where people live their lives and communicate on their level. Is Bob doing something like this? Does he want to see people saved on a variety of levels, especially on the spiritual level? After all, as he has sung or said he believes, the most important message for people is the
Good News of Christ crucified for us and risen from the grave.

The biblical record or references on this site will serve to support a truth borne out in a song or its reasonable interpretation. The translation used is the
NET Bible.

It should be the prayer of every believer that Romans 1:16-17 will increase in the talk and walk of each of us.


Steve Sorensen is a veteran radio broadcaster and minister. He broadcasted the weeknight feature Inside The Word to Baltimore and Washington, DC and is the pastor of a small cross-cultural church in Highland, Maryland. He earned his Master of Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. Steve and his wife, Carla, live in Columbia, Maryland. Contact him at the email address at the bottom of this page.


I have had this auditory disorder for over two decades now. What I wrote below was for an auditory disorder forum. Sometimes I tend to think people can't believe anyone could have something as unusual as this. There has been this sort of distant look as I have tried to explain. And I was hesitant to share it here, but life is short and it could help someone in their own yet different and prevailing struggle.

It was late 1993. I woke. It was about 7:30am on the first Saturday in October. Surely it was a civil defense siren down the street. It was sounding but not oscillating. But wait. This was inside my ear. I called my wife. She came into the bedroom. I told her this was something different. I told her to talk in my ear. She kept saying I love you. The voice changed. It was in a tin can. It trailed out. I love you as inaudible now as talking on a piece of metal foil. The I love you was the last I heard there from my wife. It is like my ear had died and yet it seemed to live on in another world. A sheet of tinnitus. Hyperacusis. Feedback in its split-second delays from a thousand sounds that enter my good ear nimbly but the brain doesn't get it. It's like it is trying to sync with a lost left ear gone to another planet. The ear plug in the good ear helps reduce the feedback effects as sleep is hoped for, but the other settled drone of sounds remains in their normal fashion. It is ethereal. It is distant yet close. It is like the outer edge of what mythology or poetry may depict as some realm of shades; the sound of a cave emitting its transient yet constant yet almost mechanical echoes. The best of Johns Hopkins doesn’t know.

Over twenty-five years and some tears. I have been a Christian radio commentator and teacher. I am a pastor. I am a grateful husband, father, and now grandfather. I had a mild stroke in 2017 with residual effects that remain. I am someone who knows the power of God's grace to continue even with times of joy and peace and struggle and prayer. I know Jesus has not left me and the surround sound will be there one Day in pristine, crystal clear, and celestial clarity beyond imagination. The hope is a living thing. It brings strength and just the motivation needed for each day. The hope is fueled by the grace of God so I know that can never die so I keep going. But there is another strength being perfected because of this affliction that confounds the world.

II Corinthians 12:9-10, But He said to me, “My grace is enough for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” So then, I will boast most gladly about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may reside in me. Therefore I am content with weaknesses, with insults, with troubles, with persecutions and difficulties for the sake of Christ, for whenever I am weak, then I am strong.

Good News